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Your own social network on iPhone and Android in 10 minutes with MySocialApp

MySocialApp allows communities, influencers, clubs, federations, associations to create their own social application on iPhone and Android without any technical knowledge. Your community finally has its own app !

App example made with MySocialApp for "L'observatoire COM MEDIA"


MySocialApp gives you the opportunity to create your own social application for Android and iOS in less than 5 minutes.

Once you have created your app, it is automatically published through App Store and Google Play

Available key features starting at 59€/month with the "Starter Plan":

  • Android app
  • iPhone app
  • Android & iPhone backend
  • Instant push notifications
  • Start from 5 000 users (starter plan) to 200 000 users (pro plan).
  • App usage with Google analytics integration
  • API & Zapier integration
  • Chat & e-mail support
  • Export all data, data are yours !
  • Custom extensions
  • 7 trial days

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Take control of your community, communicate with it, give them the power to be active part of it !

Why should you use MySocialApp ?

  • COMPANY: Spread your institutional communication right to your employees, notify them when needed and get real time feedback on their actions.
  • COMMUNITY: Gather your community on your own application, communicate publicly and privately with them.
  • Integration with your other products made easy (CRM, ERP, Mailchimp, Amazon SES..)
  • Export your data anywhere you want without coding by using Zapier.

Use cases are coming soon !

Want to give it a try ?

Launch is scheduled for the 2nd January 2018, contact us to get free live demo until this date. It'll only take 1 hour and you will get early bird price.

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Where MySocialApp comes from ?

MySocialApp was born from the desire to create a social application (Nousmotards) to connect all the bikers from France, Belgium and Switzerland to each other. It was by seeing that many communities did not have the resources to create their own mobile app that we decided to make our technology available to them.

Our experience

Nousmotards is the reference social network of reference for motorcyclists on mobile since 2015. The application has more than 70 000 members in December 2017 and intends to acquire 10 times more people for 2018.

Save time !


Making mobile social application, and connecting thousands of people in real time is not obvious. It is through this experience that we want to save you time in creating your next social app.

MySocialApp is the result of hard work and at the forefront of what is being done today on mobile. Wanting to build an unprecedented social platform requires expertise, experience, perseverance and also a lot of curiosity. We are very much inspired by what is best today and tomorrow into the web industry.

Technology for all

We are pleased to help communities, enterprise, all people loving communicate with their users, and provide them the best product to do so.

Romaric, Aurélien, Pierre, Rémi (from left to right) are the engineers behind the MySocialApp SaaS solution.

MSA team

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